Online Medical Transcription Courses

Medical transcriptions are essential members of the healthcare industry. These skilled workers are a combination of administrative assistant and physician’s assistant. Their job function is to listen to and transcribe dictated information recorded by a physician or other healthcare professional, using a headset and personal computer as their primary equipment, and transcribe the dictation into clearly-worded, error-free medical documents. These documents include examination reports, discharge summaries, medical history reports, autopsy reports, referral letters, and operative reports. Many of these documents are added to a patient’s permanent file after being checked by a physician. As later treatment and diagnosis will be based on the information in these documents, it is very important that medical transcriptionists be as accurate and precise as possible when transcribing.

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Medical Transcription Careers & Education

In order to perform their jobs efficiently, medical transcriptionists must possess a unique skill that encompasses both medical and grammatical expertise. They should understand medical terminology, shorthand, pharmacology, diagnostic procedure, and basic anatomy in order to translate physician’s notes into medical documents. Transcriptionists are also responsible for understanding the legal and ethical regulations that concern the sensitive information contained in medical documents.

Medical transcriptionists must be excellent typists with proficiency in word processing in order to create medical documents quickly. In addition, transcriptionists should have a good grasp on grammar, punctuation, spelling, and writing in general.

The healthcare industry is booming and demand for medical transcriptionists is expected to grow by 11% over the next decade. Advances in technology have made it possible to run a medical transcribing business from home, although major employers remain hospitals, laboratories, private offices, and other health industry institutions. It’s easy to launch a medical transcriptionist career with no prior healthcare experience. Earning a certificate or associates degree in medical transcription is the first step. For individuals who cannot commit to a full-time school schedule, online coursework is an attractive and effective option.

Why Online Education?

Most employers prefer to hire medical transcriptionists with postsecondary education. Enrolling full-time in a medical transcription degree program can be financially prohibitive for some students. Other students may not have the time to commit to a such a program. For such individuals, online education is a great way to receive solid training in medical transcription on their own schedule.

There are several types of online medical transcription programs. They are generally offered by vocational schools and community colleges that also offer in-class educational programs. Some programs offer classes solely online, while others are conducted with CD-ROMs sent to the student’s homes. Associates degrees, certificates, and diplomas are credentials commonly offered through online coursework. Individuals should investigate the time commitment necessary to complete such programs, and what benefits they offer.

Typical Coursework

The aim of any reputable online educational program in medical transcription is to train students for entry-level positions at large employers. Although coursework will vary based on credential and institution, the basic textbook for all medical transcription programs is the American Association for Medical Transcription Book of Style for Medical Transcription. This up-to-date text covers all the basics of medical transcribing, from terminology to the proper written style of medical documents. Specific courses offered by online educational programs do not radically differ from their in-class counterparts. Students will complete courses in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, English, word processing (both basic and advanced), pharmacology, healthcare law and ethics, medical transcription methods and skills. The main difference is that online education students can complete the course at their own pace.